Looking for an office shredder? To make your choice, data confidentiality is not the only criterion. Katana supports you in selecting the right office shredder for your business, taking into consideration the type of material to be destroyed, the desired level of safety, the frequency of use, the volumes, the field of application and the noise level.

SME or big multinational, small or large quantity, use in a small office or in an open space, Katana has the solution that fits your needs.

Specialist and Swiss market leader in confidential data destruction, Katana used its expertise to select a leading partner in the office shredder market, capable of supplying high quality shredders, adapted to each need. With Katana you have the choice among more than 100 models.

All our office shredders are "Made in Germany" and guaranteed for three years, thus ensuring the acquisition of a reliable and durable product over time.

Katana offers you a fast delivery service, most of the time within 48 hours, as well as a responsive after-sales service with the provision of a replacement shredder if necessary.

Katana office shredders are synonymous with user-friendly, energy-efficient and innovative document shredders, ensuring the shredding of your everyday documents and your confidential data.


  • Type of media to be destroyed
  • Type of cut: straight, cross or micro cut
  • DIN certified 66399 P-2 to P-7
  • Protection class (low, high, very high)
  • Cutting capacity per load (in sheets)
  • Number of users and average daily quantity


  • Pioneer and leader since2004
  • A national coverage
  • Fast delivery and after-sales services
  • A track record of excellence and reliability
  • Expertise in confidential data destruction

Do you have archives, confidential documents or hard-drives to destroy?