The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) is the association that sets the industry standards for the secure destruction of information. Its main mission is to promote the proper and complete destruction of all forms of information in both paper and digital formats (hard drive, flash media, mobile phone, tape, etc.). In order to achieve its mission, NAID has established strong relationships with lawmakers and regulators around the world to collectively set guidelines for the destruction of information and thereby enhance security standards for NAID certified companies.

For Katana, the certification is an internal choice to systemize procedural norms for each employee and to demonstrate the quality charter to which we hold ourselves accountable daily.

Thanks to a constant effort on a daily basis, Katana managed throughout its years of existence to establish a strong (strict) operation mode in compliance with norms of quality, service and security.

Founding Member of NAID Europe since 2007. In order to offer its clients the best and most reliable service, Katana received its NAID certification in 2010.

Why choose a NAID certified company?

When choosing an NAID certified company, you can be sure that the process used to destroy your documents and electronic data meets the industry's strict safety standards.


Do you have archives, confidential documents or hard-drives to destroy?