The Katana is the samurai sword. In choosing the name and by its very actions, Katana has forged its own values in deserving the trust of the best.

Katana was founded in 2004 to enhance the management of confidential documents within commercial enterprises. Despite the fact that modern technology and innovative computers become obsolete in less than 2 years, we still produce the same amount of paper.

Thus Katana has designed a secure and safe way to eliminate the overwhelming paper load enforcing a strict procedure similar to the one applied by the armored car and money transport firms.


  • 2004 Creation of Katana . 1 truck, total destruction capacity of 800kg/hour
  • 2006 Katana goes national. Opens offices in Zurich.
  • 2008 Katana exceeds 1000 customers
  • 2009 Katana destroyed 2000T of paper in one year
  • 2010 Katana expands and opens a representative office in the Swiss Canton of Tessin (close to the Italian border). 34.000 trees saved thanks to our recycling policy as we destroyed an overall capacity of 5 tons
  • 2011 Katana launches its new on-site destruction service of computer supports, Katana Digital
  • 2012 Katana puts into circulation a 7th new truck

Do you have archives, confidential documents or hard-drives to destroy?